Without Context

The following is a collection of things that people have said to me through the course of my life. Some were spoken to me by strangers I met only once while others were said by those that I love. These quotes are comical, heartfelt, whimsical, angry and odd, among other things.

As I am pulling most of these from memory I cannot guarantee a word for word recitation but I strive to preserve the imprint these sentiments left in my heart and on my soul, and I suppose in a way, there’s no more accurate recording than that, is there?

“Don’t you have a pumpkin? You gotta use your pumpkin! Your pumpkin!”

“Oh, are you one of us? A witch?”

“You can’t just keep everything inside. People who do that end up killing themselves!”

“Yeah, ah, I’m not really one of these people that can read.”

“You’re a nut job, man. It’s good having you around here.”

“Seriously, you guys could be doing something more productive than trying on women’s clothing.”

“These mother fuckers better be singing tonight…all of ’em!”

“My heart belongs to you now. Be gentle, it’s fragile.”