Watch Me Vanish

To un-explain the unforgivable, drain all the blood and give the kids a show
By streetlight this dark night, a seance down below
There’s things that I have done
You never, should ever know

The day will come when you won’t be.

Listen, closely. Be sure you note the inflection point or more accurately, the lack of one.

The day will come when you won’t be.

Oh, I’ll say it as many times as you require, I’ll repeat it until you appreciate the wisdom. You know, a great man once proclaimed that words offer a means to meaning, and for those who will listen the enunciation of truth. So, decode this cypher with your clever, little brain and receive that truth.

The day will come when you won’t be.

“And without you is how I disappear
And live my life alone, forever now”

See, you can only rage against the dying of the light for so long. You can chase that white whale to the edge of the world, but know that the pursuit itself will extract a price, and the only currency that will satisfy is the forever sipping of your soul.

This is defeat.

Accept it.

Do not get up.

Tap the fuck out, kid.

“Can you hear me cry out to you?
Words I thought I’d choke on, figure it out
I’m really not so with you any more, I’m just a ghost”

I know you must realize the futility of this, right? Come on, man. Spoiler alert, you lose. Listen, you’re heart has been broken for so long that you can no longer remember what it is to be whole. You scarcely even register the pain any longer because the pain isn’t pain after all this time. You’ve gone numb, and that doesn’t mean you can’t feel. That’s the bitch of it, that numbness is your lasting and final reminder of the hell that burnt you from the inside.

Hollowed and blackened.

“And without you is how I disappear
And live my life alone, forever now”

Listen, you’ve given enough. Why do you persist? You can quit. You have forfeited so much of yourself in this wayward, spirit walk that the thing you sought to find some how managed to both elude and poison you. It has hijacked your mind while concealed from sight.

That is one helluva trick, friend. C’mon, you gotta appreciate the irony, right? No? Alright, bad timing. Look, I know how you feel. Really, I do. Short of killing you, I got no way to extract the memory from your head. It’s okay, I can see the appeal of that in your eyes — that’s human. But, I can also see that knee-jerk instinct to continue in this fight with all the strength you have left to muster. That’s human too, but it’s also fucking stupid.

“And now
You wanna see how far down
I can sink?
Let me go!”

I’ve enjoyed these little talks, but I can’t play Jesus to the lepers in your head if you refuse to let me in. Put the puzzle pieces together, some things just don’t fit, kid. I’ve got other shit to do. So, you go on and do whatever it is you’re gonna do here, but the thing you need to realize is that you’re a flightless bird because your wings were shorn by the razor silence of an American mouth.

“And without you is how I disappear
And live my life alone, forever now”

Peace the fuck out.